Risk Management

Helpful Information to Mitigate Risk


Preparing for Wildfires

From the Website:  More and more people make their homes in areas that are prone to wildfires. You can take steps to be ready for a wildfire and prepare your home and landscaping to reduce your risk. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from a wildfire, evacuate safely during a wildfire, and how to stay healthy when you return home.   Read More

Red Cross Helping as New California Wildfires Force 100’s to Evacuate

December 03, 2020

What started as a house fire in southern California Wednesday quickly spread into The Bond Fire, a wildfire which so far has burned 3,600 acres in Silverado Canyon. The Cerritos Fire is also burning in Riverside County. The American Red Cross is on the ground, helping the hundreds of people impacted by these latest California blazes.  Read More

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Earthquake Retrofitting


Cal-Quake Construction Inc
636 North Formosa Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036-1943

tel: (323) 931-2969

John Taferner, Project Manager
tel: (323) 816-8015
email: john@cal-quake.com

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Insuring Valuables


Fine Arts  & Decorative Art , Jewelry Advisors
(323) 453 6235
Lauren Kanter,  Executive Vice President

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Natural Disaster

Emergency Preparation

In this time of natural disasters, it's extremely important to be prepared in case of an emergency.  It's equally important to be prepared for medical emergencies.  Having the right documents readily available during a stressful time can ease your mind and help you get back on your feet quickly.  This is also incredibly important when caring for loved ones.  Here are some links to tools that can help you collect and store this important information safety.

Natural Disaster Preparation

  • Take Stock Inventory:  TakeStock has revolutionized the old “pen and paper” home inventory method. Using virtual reality technology (VR) and cloud-based software, we create a 360º virtual experience of your home, naturally capturing visual proof of all contents.
  • HomeZada:  Easy to use smart applications, content and data to manage your home for insurance, maintenance, remodeling, and financial purposes.
  • Chubb Catastrophe Center:  this website can help you create a plan to protect your family, home or business before any damage is done.

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Social Media Management

Is Your Success Exposed on Social Media?

Everyone has their own opinions on what should and shouldn’t be posted on social media.  While some like to share regular updates about their lives, others like to keep their lives more private.  There are no wrong or right ways to use social media - but there is a safe way.  We can help assess your family’s exposure by answering a few short questions.

Click this link to get started: https://forms.gle/uqKkGqzbWWhMHeVT9

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Water Damage

How to Prevent or Deal With Water Damage

Great Information From Our Insurance Carriers

Tips To Avoid Water Damage to Your Home

  • Disconnect Hoses
  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts
  • Maintain Trees and Vegetation
  • Know your Water Main
  • Check Appliances Regularly
  • Investigate Leaks Right Away and Fix Promptly
  • Upgrade Washing Machine Hoses
  • Install Water Detection Devices


Water Shut Off Device


  • Protects against the cost, lost property and despair of plumbing leaks
  • Detects virtually all supply leaks, even those as small as a half-ounce-per-minute
  • Continuously oversees the complete plumbing supply system. It is not reliant on moisture sensors or forced shutoffs with pressure decay tests
  • The FloLogic app sends remote notifications and provides complete water control via smartphone or tablet
  • Is recommended by home insurance, plumbing and security professionals
  • Qualifies for insurance premium discounts from many companies
  • Is made in the U.S.A. by leaders in smart water control technology since 2000


Leak Defense

Sentinel Hydrosolutions
1223 Pacific Oaks Place Ste 104, Escondido Ca 92029

  • Easy to use control panel and app for remote management.
  • Originally created to catch pinhole and slab leaks
  • Can detect leaks behind walls and in ceilings
  • Automatically shuts off water if leak is detected
  • Designed to tie into a security system for additional notification
  • Provides one-touch turn off of incoming water supply
  • May help reduce water consumption for added savings
  • Flexible and expandable to meet individual needs

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Wildfire Services by Carrier

Wildfire Service Agencies

Flying Flames & Embers are the Most Common Culprit

As wildfires rage nearby, raging winds blow flames and embers towards homes. These flying firebrands attack homes where they are most vulnerable -- at the unprotected vent openings in the walls and attics. The openings need to be there to ventilate the structure (allowing moisture to escape year-round and preventing mold from growing inside). Yet research has shown that the greatest source of property loss is due to windblown firebrands entering structures -- even more than from direct contact with flames.



Brandguard Flame & Ember Resistant Vents by Brandguard Vents Inc
1001 Avenida Pico #1, San Clemente CA 92673
Phone (949) 481-5300  |  https://www.brandguardvents.com/

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Prevention and Preparation

Here are six ways to prepare your home before the next storm hits.

  • Is your roof in good shape?
    • Your shingles should be nailed down properly and all secured together.
    • Replace any missing shingles immediately.
  • Make sure your garage door is secure.
    • Sometimes this means hiring a company to inspect your garage door to ensure it is properly secured and functioning well.
  • Secure all outdoor items.
    • Grills, patio furniture, trampolines, etc. These items can cause a lot of damage if the wind is strong enough to pick them up.
  • Ensure your gutters are properly secured and clean them out regularly.
    • Clogged cutters can create water damage to your house. They are also more likely to break in a high wind storm if they are weakened by heavy debris.
  • Are your windows storm proof?
    • Installing storm proof windows can make a big difference in protecting your home from high winds and hail from a storm.
    • If you don’t have storm proof windows, consider installing steel or aluminum shutters on your windows or sliding doors to protect them from flying debris.
  • Remove or trim/maintain trees around your home.
    • Trimming your trees of dead wood can help prevent large branches falling during a wind storm.
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